5 Events That Can Be Held Virtually

With the threat of lockdown restrictions increasing as more Covid-19 variants work their way around the world, the need for socially distanced activities is now more critical than ever.

If you have an important function planned, consider holding it virtually to slow the spread of the virus and keep your loved ones safe from exposure. The following is a list of five virtual event ideas to ensure every guest’s safety and enjoyment!

# 5
– Virtual Birthday Party

Virtual parties are like physical parties, only without all the stress! For example, with a virtual birthday, you can still send out fancy invitations electronically and even receive gifts in the mail to open on camera in front of all attendees.

A virtual birthday party is great for maintaining distance while showing your favorite person how much they mean to you on their special day.

# 4
– Virtual Wedding

A virtual wedding is an excellent idea for couples who are separated by distance. Many ordained online services offer weddings that can be seen live or recorded and played back for you later. It’s a great feeling knowing your loved ones are out there wishing you well, even if they can’t physically be with you on your special day!

# 3
– Virtual Baby Shower

A virtual baby shower is a beautiful way to share your excitement about a new bundle of joy. You can send out announcements, request gifts online, and even receive presents by mail! It’s like being there, without any risk of catching anything.

# 2
– Virtual Graduation Party

A virtual graduation party is a great way to celebrate with friends who have moved away or with family who are experiencing lockdown restrictions.

virtual event ideas

# 1
– Virtual Funeral

Holding a virtual funeral for a deceased loved one is a wonderful way to mourn a loss with friends and family experiencing lockdown restrictions. You can pay your respects, share stories about the departed, and even make donations to their favorite charity in the deceased’s name.